Collect feedback, enhance quality

Modern system for collecting student feedback and improving education quality. Spark makes it easy to collect and analyze study feedback.

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What is spark?

Fully system independent and automatic system for collecting study feedback. Easy to integrate to systems like Peppi, Sisu and Moodle.

Use Spark to ignite your feedback culture and quality of education.

Versatile features

Versatile features and high degree of automation will promote positive feedback culture and improve quality of education.


No manual activations or unnecessary tasks. Spark ensures automatic surveys, reports and integaration to BI-systems.

Enhance feedback culture

The easy of use and features promote active dialogue between students and teachers.

Continuous development

Spark is being developed continously, considering customer requirements. 1 to 2 new versions are available annually.

Several survey types

In addition to the most common final feedback, there is also possibility to activate mid term feedback and continous feedback.

Integrate easily

Spark can be integrated to most study management and learning management systems. Spark will use existing sign-on practices, no need for separate authentication.

Ease of use and accesibility

Spark is device independent ja easy to use. All user intefaces are easy to find and use.

Effortless changes to schedules and survey contents. Spark is a modern system, accesibility requirements have been taken to account from the start of development.

4 easy steps to deploy!


Contact us for demonstration


Comprehensive demonstration including the best solution for Your needs


Studyo's professionals will quide through the deployment project typically in few weeks.


With Spark's automation streamlining the feedback process, you can focus on quality development.

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